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HEAD is a global market leader in sportswear and accessories and has had recent success sponsoring the very best in sport. Get a piece of the action at IL2L today!

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HEAD today is a leading global manufacturer or premium sports equipment and apparel, but it began in 1950 as Head Ski Company in Delaware – when founder Howard Head had come up with an innovative new Ski made from aluminium and plastic laminate. Head lost interest and moved to producing tennis rackets, and then in 1987 footwear followed. Since then, HEAD has grown to produce clothing and accessories and are well known for their bags.

Head proved to be successful in 2012, with three unique Major winners during the year: Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray. 2013 has seen Murray win Wimbledon! Take a look at IL2L’s selection of Head bags ranging from vintage styles to modern day neon designs.